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Feast of the Damned
He lingered silently 'round many a grave
be it saint or priest or ghastly knave
hooded in black and crimson cloak
from between his lips boils blackish smoke
fingers gnarled and flesh decayed
vengence he seeks or so they say
putrid soul a maggots feast
once a man replaced by beast
He rides forth on ebony steed
filled with anger lust and greed
saber twisting in the air
curses spoken without care
eyes like fire penetrating heat
teeth like razors to tear the meat
ripping flesh from off the bone
cracking skulls with heavy stone
feasting on the rancid dead
a grisly means of being fed
until he has sated the beast within
he cracks the lid and eats again
search he does for the corpse of one
she broke his heart and it was done
he took his life after he took hers
he had to find where she was interred
she been lain in an unmarked plot
her flesh he needed lest it rot
stripped to the bone by those that squirm
maggot.. beatle.. and hungry worm
he thought that this would help him win
to calm the savag
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Broken and alone
she goes out into the night
crying out from the depths of her soul
He hears her and takes to flight
He watches from a distance
as she falls down to her knees
her tears fall to the ground below
he knows that her heart bleeds
He longed to end her suffering
to take away her pain
she could be his forever
all he needed was a vein
Quietly he approaches
and takes her by the hand
he gazes deeply into her eyes
and she instantly understands
Taking her into his arms
he lowers his head just right
then bending her neck into his mouth
he hungrily takes a bite
She felt the pain for a moment
then came the desire
they were bound now for eternity
forever a vampire.
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The Unwanted cont 4
Little did Timmy know that he had been seen as he took a seat on the ground outside, so he was startled when he the woman asked him his name. He jumped to his feet and wiped the tears off his face, clearing some of the dirt off in the process. "I'm sorry ma'm," he stammered as he gazed up at the lovely black lady that stood over him. "Its okay baby", she said, "what you doin' out here". "Well, ma'm", he said, " I heard the music and it was pretty and I wanted to hear about Jesus". "Well, then child", she said sweetly," you just come on back inside wit me and we will sing and learn together, how bout' that!" Timmy was overcome with joy, " you mean it, I can come in"? " Of course you can come in baby this is a house of God, all is welcome here"! She took him by the hand and led him into the church, and to his surprise all the folks inside were colored, and they all welcomed him and hugged him, then he was led right up front and stood in the very front pew! This was the happiest day in hi
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The Unwanted cont 3
Deciding to get off the dusty road, Timmy turned and headed across a field that had yet to be planted. It would be sowed in cotton soon and that meant cotton picking, even though he was only 5, he had already aquired scars on his fingers from picking cotton. He didn't complain though, cause it helped pay for the medicine that his momma needed. He knew that if she was well she would not stand for the way that he was treated. He loved his momma. Up ahead, Timmy noticed a grove of trees, he could sit down for a bit and rest. As he settled back against a mighty oak and closed his eyes, a sound filled his ears and warmed his was singing again, but not the same as before, yes he heard the word Jesus, but this was the most glorious singing he had ever must be angels! Raising up, Timmy turned his head in the direction that the sound was coming from, it was just over that hill. Rising, he took off running, as he reached the top of the hill he saw a small old building, no f
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The Unwanted cont
This had to be the most beautiful place that Timmy had ever been in. The people were dressed all fancy, the women all had hats on that matched their dresses, the men in suits... andthere were angels painted in the glass...and..he had been so overwhelmed by the slendor that Timmy hadn't noticed that the singing had ceased and all eyes were on him, until he heard a womans voice mutter "why he is filty, what on earth is he doing in here". At this point little Timmy came back down to earth and noticed that a man was coming down the aisle towards him, a stern looking man with graying hair and a funny mushtache. He grabbed the little boy roughly by the arm and in a raised voiced exclaimed " boy you have no business in here, this is the house of God." "I know sir, I wanted to hear about Jesus", said Timmy shyly. "Well, said the mean man, you will have to go elsewheres, we don't allow your white trash kind here and the Lord doesn't either, now get out", he yelled as he pulled the door open and
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The Unwanted pt1
The year was 1948. Timmy was only 5 years old. He was born to a poor family in a rural Missouri town. To say that times were hard was an understatement. He was one of several children, but he had been singled out by his  father as the "unwanted one". Many were the nights that after his mother who was ill, had gone to sleep, his father would throw him outside in the dark and tell him he was sleeping with the dogs tonight. That was okay with Timmy, he had long since figured out that the dogs were more loving and caring than most people he had encountered. A hard lesson for one so young. It was on one such Saturday night that he had been tossed out into the night when little Timmy decided that when the sun came up he would just walk away...away from the pain that he called home. He layed there in the ditch curled up with several strays, dreaming about the following days coming adventures. True to his word, when he awoke, the sun was high in the sky, he took one look over his sho
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Missing you sessh kag
The cold winter wind whipped Kagome's long ebony hair off her back and made it float slowly on the air as if it were in water. She had never been prepared for this part of her life the part where her whole world had come crashing down. Her dark brown eyes scanned the meadow she was standing in as she pulled the wool coat she wore tighter around her thin shoulders.
Standing in front of the polished stone was almost too much for her to bear. "I will miss you so much, especially on nights of the crescent moon." she whispered into the fog as she brought her hands up to wipe the tears from her face. She crouched and placed a bouquet of white lilies at the base just under the inscription.
The illness had taken Sesshomaru slowly. A modern human disease too powerful even for a youkai. The loss of appetite wasn't much of a give away as he hardly ate anyway, but when he began coughing up blood Kagome new there was something amiss. By the time she had convinced
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Its been a while since I been here. Took forever to clear my messages! Thanks to each of you that had added my work to your faves! That is truly a complement! I will try and get on more often.


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